The Cold War for Talent Heats Up

The Cold War for Talent Heats Up

Even with the down economy the Talent War is in full effect.  Although maybe more of a subtle ‘Cold War,’ top talent is either looking for the next opportunity or really smart companies are making efforts to attract talent away from their current roles.  This is the time to grab great talent.  If you do not know how you need to figure out a way.

Companies  have to up their game in terms of recruiting if they want to be effective and land the best out there.  Here are a few actions that can have significant impact:

1. Job Descriptions

I am coaching a top-level executive right now as he prepares to switch jobs.  He always comments how poorly written the job descriptions he sees when reviewing possible positions.  And this is true in most cases.  The majority of job descriptions have been recycled so much they all appear the same and quite frankly are outdated as well.  Plus they usually aren’t written in a way that inspires passion. You can either do a full rewrite to the standard job description or add an addendum that speaks the very essence and excitement of the job.

2. Evaluate Your Recruiting Process

Another missed opportunity is the ability of organizations to really evaluate the recruiting process so that it is user friendly and enticing to potential candidates.  This means that it should be fluid and have points of value-add throughout the process unique to the company.  Equally important is the positive attitude and helpfulness the HR professional shows throughout the process. Remember, particularly in the beginning of the process, the HR person is the face of the company to the recruit.  I have had clients tell me that they had cut of conversations with organizations just because the HR recruiter was either so unprofessional or just plain lackluster.

3. Good Recruiting = Good Selling

Internal recruiters and hiring managers really need to have an intimate knowledge of the company brand and must be able to exude the brand with excitement when working with potential job candidates.  Do not forget to leverage the unique reputation of the company and reinforce that message throughout the recruiting process.

4. Networking for Recruiters

Just as I tell my coaching clients in job transition that the best jobs are usually found through their networking efforts so this is true for finding the best talent.  Organizations needs to be active in a variety of networking groups.  By doing this, you will have created informal access to great candidates and contacts.  And this expands to the use of networking tools such as the ever increasing importance of Linked-in.  The days of simply posting a job are long gone.

If organizations start going after great talent after the economy ramps up it will be too late.

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