Too many Human Resource departments talk about being a strategic business partnerwithout fully being one.  It is imperative that HR departments and their leaders are fully equipped and positioned to meet the strategic needs of their business. DCG will teach you how to partner and offer the most relevant HR Programs to your company.

Transforming the Human Resources Function

  • Organizational Development Skills for the HR Professional (2-Days)
  • Measuring Training and Human Resource Programs (1 Day)
  • Complete Facilitation Skills for the HR Professional (1-2 Days)
  • Coaching for the Human Resource Professional (2-Days)

HR Strategy and Talent Pipeline Excellence

“HR Strategy linked to Business Strategy”

Focused Based Development: Creating a True Employee Development Function

  • DCG’Performance Learning Process is not about “putting a sticker” on the old training department
  • DCG provides direction and resources to design and implement a world-class Employee/Manager Development function.
  • Develop curriculum and framework
  • Measure Functional Effectiveness

Performance Management Development and Implementation

  • Performance Management Transformation
  • Evaluate Existing System
  • Develop New Approach and System
  • Employee and Manager Training
  • Tracking and Improving Participation

High Potential/Emerging Leader Programs “Leaders Replacing Leaders”

  • Establishing Criteria and Identifying High Potentials
  • Creating the Program
  • Retaining High Potentials
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Action Learning for High Potentials

Upgrading the Succession Planning Process

  • Connecting Succession Planning to the Business
  • Engaging Leadership in the Process
  • Ensuring Fairness and Accuracy
  • Picking the Ideal Process for your Organization
  • Workforce Planning

Additional HR Initiatives

  • Career-Pathing
  • Competency Development
  • Career Navigator Process