7 Lessons I Learned From Stephen R. Covey

  My first real job out of college was at the Covey Leadership Center.  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People was just beginning to be a worldwide sensation. Truthfully, when I first started working at the Center I was a bit skeptical of Stephen Covey.  Did he really walk the talk? Was he really […]

Top Seven Mistakes Managers Make When Giving Constructive Feedback and How to Avoid Them

If you are a manager who struggles with giving constructive feedback, I can almost guarantee you are making these mistakes. And if you continually fail to deliver direct and effective feedback, you are going to find out–if you haven’t already–that the consequences are time-consuming, expensive and even detrimental to your career and reputation as a […]

The Cold War for Talent Heats Up

Even with the down economy the Talent War is in full effect.  Although maybe more of a subtle ‘Cold War,’ top talent is either looking for the next opportunity or really smart companies are making efforts to attract talent away from their current roles.  This is the time to grab great talent.  If you do […]

5 Check-points To Developing a Corporate Mission Statement

No More Mission Statements For many years now I have been a big proponent of organizational Mission Statements and yet at this moment I find myself telling some of my clients to “Stop it already with the Mission Statements!” Seriously, the mission statement is something that I have felt so strong about for many years, […]

Meetings and Deferring Decision-Making

Ah meetings, you love them or you hate them.  Of course many meetings, if not most,   are poorly run. Isn’t that amazing after all the books and training classes on holding effective meetings they still can be painful and wasteful.  People have been making jokes about bad meetings for over a decade and yet they […]

Working Hard at Hardly Working: The tragedy of underworked employees- Part 2

Our Program Director for the Coaching Cadre, Chuck Allen,  continues with part-2 of his blog: How to balance challenge and skill Here is a diagram from psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” that illustrates the balance of challenge and skill that make satisfying work satisfying: Perhaps some of you reading this […]