Examples of problems solved

Consulting Problems solved and solutions provided

The examples of problems DCG has worked on is very diverse.  Although all different problems, they all seem to have commonality in regards to their etymology.

  • The executive team is not currently working as a team.  They seem to be more interested in their functions than working as a performing leadership team.  In some cases, they fight or don’t even talk to each other.
  • Our growth has flattened and our margins are shrinking. How do we get this turned around?
  • We do not have a real strategic plan, let alone one we can execute..
  • We do not have the robust talent pipeline we need to be successful presently nor in the long-term.
  • The acquisition itself is complete but there is no integration between the two companies. The whole thing is a mess. Can you help in getting this to work?
  • Can you help us turn-around this thing (our company?)
  • We identify year-in and year-out that we lack overall leadership, how can we grow it in our organization?
  • The XYZ department is feuding with the ABC department and the success of the company highly depends on them working together.  How do we get them to work collaboratively?
  • Can you help the executive team create a communication plan in order to share the strategy with the company and enroll our employees in the execution?
  • How should we really develop leadership and managers?  There has got to be more than just offering classes and going through the motions of succession planning.
  • My department is a mess.  We fired three managers last year and lost one to another company.  I am not sure if we can survive.  What should I do?
  • Why do our customers view us so poorly and what can we do about it?
  • Our enterprise system implementation has failed miserably. How do we get this online to help it provide all the benefits as promised?
  • We are our own worst enemies.  We have big meetings that often seem to be the same meetings year after year where, even though we come up with great ideas, nothing ever changes.
  • How can HR fully align with the business and be an integral part of the business strategy?

Examples of Solutions We Provided.

  • Changed an organization’s internal business model through the introduction and establishment of category teams that significantly improved individual brand performance.
  • Redesigned and implemented new talent pipeline system that integrated performance management, succession planning, and targeted development.
  • Designed executive development program for over 400 executives, created an entire management development path for 1,050 managers.
  • Led comprehensive and ongoing sessions with the Board of Directors and executive teams to develop business strategy for World Top 30 Design Firm.  Included research, environmental scanning and strategy sessions.
  • Designed and implemented a development and coaching program for the director level that improved leadership performance, strategy building capacity, and the establishment of formal development plans.
  • Provided pre- and post merger support for a mid-tier merger resulting in effective realization of organizational synergies and economies and scale and scope.
  • Provided evaluation of organizational effectiveness through global assessment; directed local department action plans and delivered organization-wide recommendations to the executive team.  Ensured execution of action-plans and improved key indices by 5-10% on a yearly basis.

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