About Us

Denisoff Consulting Group

Led by elite business and leadership consultant Michael Denisoff, the Denisoff Consulting Group is a unique firm that offers real business solutions to organizations.  With both proven methodology and its highly effective consultants, DCG can provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed to overcome your business or organizational challenges in order for you to meet your objectives.

Organizational transformation and change initiatives usually mean the difference between success and failure for organizations.  Our proven track record demonstrates REAL positive impact  our consultants and programs can bring your business.  In other words, we deliver the following results:

  • Improve Profits and Revenues today
  • Increase Organizational and Leadership capacity and sustainability for tomorrow

We believe that co-development with the client is fundamental to the process.  We know that you know your business better than anyone else.  However, DCG can bring in expertise, fresh perspectives and a new level of engagement to bring your company or department to the level of optimal performance.  The first step of the process is determining key business and functional issues through discovery, analysis and assessment which are the three steps that identify the root cause.  This is followed by the design and development of solutions.  Finally the real challenge begins in ensuring that the solution is properly implemented through effective execution and just as important , ongoing evaluation and monitoring.  This often is the point where most initiatives fail.  A good number of firms can come up with reasonable solutions, but DCG also provides the FUEL to help ensure execution and success.