Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

Evaluating and aligning for Organizational Effectiveness is critical to the successful organization.  Like people, organizations must have good health and wellness in order to perform optimally.  DCG has created a proven methodology for conducting a comprehensive and accurate diagnostic of your organization, which will produce specific and tangible steps for improvement.  DCG will then work with leadership to validate and prioritize areas for improvement and develop an execution plan.

Change Management:

Over 85% of all major change management initiatives fail.  DCG can help your organization Ready the Ground, Develop Prerequisite Discipline, and plan a formal Change Strategy to ensure success of the launch of your program.

Alignment Interventions:

If you have an ineffective  team or project, it may be time for an alignment intervention to get the project or the function back on track.  The solutions usually lie within team dynamics and communication and/or  process alignment.

CCI- Company-wide Communication Audit:

The audit involves a comprehensive look at all (formal and informal) communication processes across the organization, followed by our recommendations and benchmarks for monumental improvement.

Executive Team Development and Protocol

Most executive teams are only a fraction as effective as they should and are able to be. Additionally, they often function as functional leaders running a business instead of business leaders who have charge of a function.  Executive teams, just like all teams, must take the time to determine how they will best work together.

Executive Retreats:

DCG has a great track record in providing effective retreats for the executive teams that both inspire and identify specific actions to be taken to improve organizational and team perfromance.

Merger and Acquisition Integration:

DCG partners with you for both pre and post M&A integration work to ensure M&A success.