Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Managers are facing relentless work demands; coaching provides a much needed pause for reflection, evaluation, feedback and purposeful dialogue.

Coaching provides leaders with the necessary breathing space to become better leaders – to refine strategy and evaluate themselves and their performance with an expert third party. It allows executives an opportunity to receive candid feedback, guidance and the development they need to prepare for the future. Coaching also provides timely and targeted strategies for both improving their less-developed sides and maximizing their strengths. Executive coaching has the potential to produce lasting and meaningful change.

If your organization is seriously committed to Executive Coaching, Denisoff Consulting Group has a large Coaching Cadre to meet your developmental demands.

Executive Coaching Engagements

  • Executive Coaching: Implemented in three, six, nine or twelve  month engagements comprised of weekly sessions.  The coaching is based  on the specific performance and improvement needs of the executive, which are identified by core competencies and assessment tools.   Diagnostic tools: 360-Leadership Feedback Survey, Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B, Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Benzinger, DISC

Accelerated Individual Development- AID:

AID is a structured coaching intervention for organizations trying to establish and stabilize its managerial team. AID is comprised of a series of ten one-on-one sessions comprised of a structured methodology.

Executive Coaching for Change Management

Executive coaching should play a significant role in the implementation of any company-wide change.

Executive Presentation Skills

DCG has a methodology proven to significantly improve an executive’s public speaking and presenting skills.  This includes vocal delivery, presentation presence, videotaping and evaluation, and the development of executive communications.

Leader Transition/ “The First 101 Days”

It has been proven that an executive who joins a new organization with a plan is significantly more likely to achieve success.  DCG offers the First 101 Days process to properly on-board an executive.

Michael T. Denisoff – Lead Coach

Michael T. Denisoff is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as certified by the International Coaching Federation. He has been an executive coach for over 12 years and received his formal coaching training from Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.  Additionally, he is not only a sought-after coach for executives and managers but he is also is an instructor and coach to executive coaches offering a variety of training classes and acting as an advisor to coaches and coaches-in-training. He applies a rigorous Coaching Methodology and Integrated Coaching Model that focuses on the whole person, measurable results and improvement.

Michael is certified in MBTI as well as a variety of other psychometric tools such as FIRO-B, DISC and Hogan Derailers.  He has a high level of expertise with Emotional Intelligence(EI), teaching a variety of classes on EI for over 12 years with experience with a large variety of EI tools and studies. Michael also has experience using a variety of 360 instruments, including LPI, 20/20 Insight and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and is skilled in developing and implementing customized 360 instruments. He adheres to the ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Organizational Coaching Programs:

Under the leadership of Michael Denisoff, Denisoff Consulting Group has designed and implemented a wide variety of coaching programs for organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems, Cal-Optima, Wimberly, Allison and Tong & Goo.  These programs included extended coaching engagements with individual managers of the company or a specific division, which supported a leadership development effort and/or supporting a 360-Feedback initiative.  Additionally, we have offered similar coaching-type programs to complement an enterprise-wide change management effort requiring the managers to “show up differently” than before.

Coaching Within Leadership Programs:

Michael has a great deal of experience of providing coaching to participants in multi-day Leadership Development programs.  Within these programs the coaching will focus on key learning, 360-Feedback instruments, and psychometric instruments such as MBTI, FIRO-B and DISC.  He served as a coach with prestigious programs, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Global Leadership Development program, a multi-week international leadership development program, as well as with Cisco’s leadership development programs for high-potential employees, in addition to DCG programs including Leaderview-I, LeadersEdge and  Leadership Edge 929.

High Profile Coaching Engagements:

Michael Denisoff regularly coaches a multitude of high-profile executives. Previous clients include a CTO from a Fox Entertainment division, a vice president in sales  from Lockton and a CEO of Linksys corporation.

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