Calling CHRO’s and Heads of Human Resources! It is time to Leap—HRLeap2020™

HRLeap2020™- Transforming the Human Resources Function to the next level of business partnership, strategic relevance and talent maximization.

Upgrade your HR Leadership Team and the entire HR Function
Human Resources must reinvent itself to remain relevant and a critical driver in companies. To do his HR must let go of old paradigms, out dated approaches that once worked and of the fear of what is ahead. HR must be smart and bold and ready for the future.

Human Resources and the Challenge to Evolve
Great HR is hard to come by these days. Too many HR teams are lost in the past or have lost their place and identify in the current environment. Even worse, too many HR functions think they are doing just fine when they are not truly aligned with or are not significantly helping to drive business performance. The great HR Functions of today and tomorrow must evolve into a new and upgraded function to meet the demands of the business. The days of HR just caring or just transacting are not only long gone but now are obsolete. As one of the best HR Executives I know always says “Human Resource leaders must be business leaders and not flipchart monkeys or party planners.”

HRLeap2020™ is a program that elevates and upgrades
your Human Resources Functions through 3 dimensions:

  • HR Strategy
  • HR Leadership Team Capability and Readiness
  • HR Execution & Performance.

This program and methodology is based on fully aligning HR with the business by both aligning HR objectives to the business and influencing the objectives of the business. It relies on the best thinking in strategy, execution and leadership in business while being strongly rooted in the realities of Human Resources. This is an extreme program that requires the best of each member of the HR Leadership Team particularly the Head of HR. Each program is fitted to the particular HR Team based on size and scope of HR.

The Origin Story
For many years I had complained about HR not living up to its potential. I have met and worked with far too many HR Leaders who spoke about HR Transformation but who were also the very roadblocks stopping the progress of Human Resources. There have been too many HR professionals who have complained about not having or not being invited to have a seat at the able. This all frustrated me to the point where I wanted nothing to do with HR. And then I was challenged to make a
difference and become a part of the solution. This is when HRLeap2020™ was created.

HRLeap2020: High-Level Overview
Strategic HR Planning- The HR Plan On a Page

  • HR2020 Expectations
  • Vision and Purpose
  • Strategic Themes
  • Strategic Enablers and Initiatives
  • Team Standards and Rules of Engagement
  • Aligned with Business Strategy

HR LT Readiness

  • Evolved Set of HR Core Competencies
  • HR Decision- Making Matrix
  • HR Accountability
  • Working Agreements with Line Leaders and Executives
  • HR Profile
  • Ongoing Development Plan
  • 1-1 Coaching
  • 360/ Psychometric Assessments
  • Team Effectiveness and Bonding

HR Performance and Execution

  • Plan on a Page Prioritization and Calendarization
  • Initiative Change Management and Resource Planning
  • Pacing and Sequencing
  • Managing Scope Creep and Changing Business Necessities
  • HR Meetings Performance and Cadence