SalesEdge™ Outdoor Survival Adventure for Sales Teams

Adventure Sales Leadership Learning for your Sales Professionals

Denisoff Consulting group has partnered with Boulder Outdoor Sruvival School to present SalesEdge,™ a powerful training program that combines high-performance corporate teaching methods along with intense immersion into outdoor adventure, and the best part is that no one gets voted off.  Gives your sales team an experience of a lifetime!

The SalesEdge™ Outdoor  Adventure Survival Program is integrating the very best in sales skills development with outdoor adventure programs.  It was formed to meet the requests of sales’ teams who desire a curriculum that will provide effective sales training in an intense experiential environment

The Course

The SalesEdge™ program is a 5-day program designed to incorporate proven sales leadership expertise with outdoor survival skills in a beautiful and natural environment.  The SalesEdge™ program resides in the breathtaking Red Rock region of Southern Utah.

Basic Structure of the field course is built on the balance of traditional learning, primitive living, self-awareness, team building, and leadership development through intense experiential learning.  Participants will learn how these primitive skills are similar to and reinforce great sales performance.  For example, learning the approach to make fire through friction has direct application on how to prepare and crush it on a sales call.

Refine Sales Skills: Learn and relearn the most critical sales skills of top performers in an environment like no other.

Grow Grit: It is not good enough to read a book about grit.  Grit must be forged in the field and here one can grow in toughness and grit. Grit build the resilience a salesperson needs.

Overcome Obstacles: Great sales professionals adeptly and gracefully learn how to overcome obstacles.  At SalesEdge ™ you will be challenged so you can overcome most any obstacles in the future.

Instill Team Work in Sales Team:  There is no better bonding activity than being pushed together as a team in an extraordinary challenge.

Go Beyond: This is extreme sales training program that will be an experience that will never be forgotten.  There is nothing like it out there.

SalesEdge™ provides the experience in a primitive living/survival type environment. During the course of the program participants, in addition to sales skills will learn ,  primitive skills such as:

  • Making Fire with Sticks (Friction Fires)
  • How to Make Primitive Shelters
  • How to use a knife for survival purposes
  • Finding Food and Water in Nature
  • Map /Compass Skills

Each of these skills are learned and then tied back to a real business lessons to be implemented at the office.

Do Something Great for Your Sales People

In a real sense, this training is life changing both professionally and personally.  And even better it ends with a big celebration!

Take Your Sales Team to the next level! For more information, please contact us at or 949-293-2797.

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