LeaderEdge™ Outdoor Survival for Leadership Teams

Adventure Leadership Learning for your Executive Team

Denisoff Consulting Group has partnered with the legendary Boulder Outdoor Survival School to present LeaderEdge,™ a powerful training initiative that combines traditional leadership training with intense immersion into outdoor adventure.  Based on Michael Denisoff’s upcoming book, Lessons From the Field- Leadership Lessons From an Outdoor Survival Instructor, this course is the ultimate in developing real leadership skills.

The LeaderEdge™ Outdoor Survival Program is integrating the very best in management development and adult learning methodology with outdoor adventure programs.  It was formed to meet the requests of corporations who desire a curriculum that will provide effective leadership training in an intense experiential environment.  

Have Flipchart will Hike

The LeaderEdge™ program is a 5-day program designed to incorporate proven leadership expertise with outdoor survival skills in a beautiful and natural environment.

The LeaderEdge™ program resides in the breathtaking Red Rock region of Southern Utah. Basic Structure of the field course is built on the balance of traditional learning, primitive living, self-awareness, team building, and leadership development through intense experiential learning.  Each course is customized for every group.

The course will be led by a Michael Denisoff and Outdoor Survival experts facilitating each of the necessary elements.  The course is physically and mentality demanding on many levels but always worth it.  Picture hiking many miles a day and camping with very little modern equipment while taking on leadership instruction and challenges.

Develop Deep Leadership Skills: This is the opportunity to really live, explore and experience your leadership capability in a most unique environment.

Self-Mastery: Through the mastery of survival skills, individuals will activate their their personal leadership potential and apply it real challenges.

Cultivate Grit: It is not good enough to read a book about grit.  Grit must be forged in the field and here one can grow in toughness and grit.

Build Teamwork and Cohesion:  There is no better bonding activity than being pushed together as a team in an extraordinary encounter.

Go Beyond: This extreme leadership training program will be an experience that will never be forgotten.  There is nothing like it out there!

LeaderEdge™ provides the experience in a primitive living/survival type environment. During the course of the program participants, in addition to leadership skills will learn primitive skills such as:

  • Making Fire with Sticks (Friction Fires)
  • How to Make Primitive Shelters
  • How to use a knife for survival purposes
  • Finding Food and Water in Nature
  • Map /Compass Skills

Each of these skills are learned and then tied back to a real business lessons to be implemented at the office.

The goal of the LeaderEdge™ program is to insure that your work team has

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