Leadership Live

Leadership Live™

Life doesn’t always give managers a dress rehearsal, but we will

Leadership Live™
Too many leadership training programs simply tell you how to do effective leadership with pontificating PowerPoint slides along with so-called simple steps or models and at best with accompanying watered-down role plays. Leadership Live™ takes showing and practicing what truly effective leadership looks like to a new level. In this course participants will be able to see, practice and demonstrate what effective leadership looks like.

It’s in your face- As interactive as it can get in a classroom

The format is simple – managers bring in their toughest leadership problem and they are coached to that problem in real time. But not only are they coached to the problem, participants get a chance to practice what they are learning. At the front of the classroom is a simulated office to create a familiar environment so the participants can really try and apply what they are learning. During their practice participants are videotaped so they can see what they are doing and how they are showing up in their identified challenge. “Game tape” is broken down to provide additional feedback to the participant for maximum learning. And as “painful” as it might be for participants to see themselves on video it is one of the most powerful learning experiences they can have.

“Give your managers an executive coach for a day!”
Leadership Live™ is a fantastic way to give a group of managers an executive coaching experience like no other. This program is ultra-interactive, sometimes very challenging but gets managers fully prepared for the situations they are now encountering. A master coach leads this session as the intensity is extremely high. Anyone can read a book on leadership but far too often they are not given a chance to practice and apply what they learned. Leadership Live™ provides a safe, confidential and real-time environment to get participants to the next level of performance.

Participants will also be trained in Peer Coaching to help support the other attendees through their learning process. The net result from this includes not only improved coaching skills for participants but amplified learning as often they are facing similar solutions as their classmates and gain a tremendous amount of learning form others simply by actively observing from the outside.

Key Points:

  • Participants get coached on a current real managerial challenge
  • Participants practice how they will now respond to their managerial challenge
  • Video Taping of selected role –plays for “game-film” learning
  • Facilitator has over 50 hours of material to use in teaching/coaching.
  • Tremendous opportunity for Peer Coaching.
  • Current and future problems solved for participants

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