Talent Magnet -Part II (The Basics)

Talent Magnet -Part II (The Basics)

So if you want to magnetize yourself to attract, keep and leverage the best talent and high performers you need to start with the basics. And the best place to start is by maximizing the Talent Lifecycle process which includes Attraction and Selection, Performance Management, Individual Development and Rewards & Recognition. So here are a few thoughts for each step in the process.

Attraction and Selection

Two important things to remember: 1- Take the time to clarify the role that you are trying to fill. Rarely is the official HR job description adequate. Really get excruciatingly clear on what is needed in terms of skill, experience, leadership capacity and cultural fit.

2- Do not hire just to fill a position. One bad hire will give you headaches and problems for a long time.

Performance Management

If you know me you know I have strong opinions on Performance Management being done well (as so few companies do it well.) And every few years someone writes a book on eliminating the Performance Management process. But if you read these books deeply, they are really saying do Performance Management right. Three things to keep in mind for PM;

1-It is not something you do in addition to your job, getting people to perform if you are a manager is your job.

2- The dialogue should drive the process not the paperwork. And 3- Strive for no surprises for the employee at the year-end evaluation. Give solid honest feedback throughout the year.

Individual Development

Real simple here, make sure your reports have a clear and robust personalized development plan. If they do not have one in place, it communicates that you are not interested in their well being and you will disenfranchise them.

Rewards and Recognition

When it comes to rewards and recognition beyond financial compensation one size does not fit all. Take the time to learn what is important to your reports collectively and individually. Look for clues in their workspace and listen for clues during your conversations with them. In fact, when appropriate ask them to provide input into the R&R planning. Just making the effort communicates that you are looking out for their best interest.

Making sure that you are leveraging the Talent Lifecycle process is the first step in becoming a Talent Magnet. Intermediate thoughts forthcoming…

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