Talent Magnet -Part I

Talent Magnet -Part I

I am in the process of finishing up a presentation for an upcoming conference.  I have been asked to speak on ways how managers can become “Talent Magnets.”  Formally speaking, this topic is about how managers can utilize the talent lifecycle (recruiting, performance management, development and recognition) to get, develop and keep  the best employees working for them.

It is such a great topic as I get deeper and deeper into it.  And so basic.  And what is funny about this topic is that it is obvious to the observer what managers are good at this and which ones are not.  Plus the reality is that a manager only succeeds if his/her people are successful.  Keep in mind that being a talent magnet does not mean being well liked.  In fact there are plenty of people that I like, I mean really like and think they are great people, but not all of them would I want to work for if you know what I mean.

There is a very powerful maxim we consultants use a good deal:

“People do not quit companies they quit managers.”

This is very true and so is the corollary that people work hard for their bosses not for their companies.  You see the boss is the company in a very real sense to the direct report.  I see this all of the time, great managers whose people would do anything for them.  They go the extra mile even when the manager is not there.  They are excited to perform well for the manager and the team as a whole.  I can think of quite of few instances where a manager left a company to go work somewhere else and his/her team followed them there, often for less pay because of the respect and admiration for the manager.

This is all warm and fuzzy I know but here is the kicker, this type of manager gets things done and performs at a higher level then his/her peers.

Are you this type of leader where people from inside of the organization are knocking over walls to come work for you?

If this is not totally the case read Part II of this blog in a few days for some practical tips to get you there.

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