Getting Feedback for Leaders Part 2

Getting Feedback for Leaders Part 2

Great leaders are constantly looking for feedback.  And they are smart enough to realize that they have to take the initiative to get it.  If you wait for it to come to you, you will wait a while and if it finally shows up it probably will not be good news because it might be something that has been festering unbeknownst  to you and has just come to a head.

Leaders must constantly gather feedback.  Think about playing in a football game and not being able to look at the scoreboard until the final two minutes of the game.  It just would not work.  People like feedback and the continuously flow of critical information regarding their performance.  When I played footballer I relied on many facets of feedback, some formal some informal.  I looked to the scoreboard, the chains, the comments (sometimes yelling) from the coach, the signals from the referee and the banter between my teammates.  Some of it was technical, some of it was motivation but all of it together helped me play better and make on-the-spot corrections.

How will you gather feedback today?

The next blog will begin the discussion of obtaining feedback informally from your key stakeholders.  And remember this, all feedback is just feedback.  What makes it good or bad is what you decide to do with it.  The only caveat to this is that feedback becomes bad when you receive it too late or it is given with a bad heart.

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