CASE FIVE: Tech Center

International Technical Call Center

The Client

A newly independent business entity, the client is a large international technical call center with multiple locations in the Philippines whose business was primarily supported by one major customer in the United States.

The Situation

DCG was brought in to help the client rapidly develop an independent strategy and business model, as it recently became a sovereign business entity. The client needed to become a fully functioning, high-performing, autonomous organization. Although it had a tremendous track record, it primarily served one customer, which limited its growth and diversification.  Although the company was successful, the client often still acted as if it was a “division” of their largest client and therefore, had limited capacity for being independent and entrepreneurial.

DCG’s Approach and Contribution

This was a unique situation, as the client was quite good at delivery, but never had to develop its own sense of identity and direction.  DCG collaborated with the client to provide a three-prong approach, which included:

  • Facilitating the thinking and strategizing of the executive team to function as an independent company.  This was primarily done through DCG’s Vision2Reality© (V2R©) methodology.  In addition to V2R, a new business model had to be developed.
  • Providing an organizational effectiveness review of the organization, which supplied crucial recommendations and a step-by-step action plan to implement. The DCG team worked with the client to ensure that the action plan was implemented.
  • Developing an independent marketing and sales strategy and team to identify and articulate the client’s value-proposition, positioning and differentiation in the market place.

Impact and Results

In short, DCG provided the client with a road map to become a fully functional and independent business entity, and facilitated its implementation.  The client learned what it meant to be sovereign and entrepreneurial by developing its own business plan and strategy, obtaining new clients and actively improving it service offerings.

A new way of doing business along with a new mindset emerged.  Additionally, a  sustainable business model was adopted and a five year strategic plan was put into place.  The executive team improved and added key players to ensure its strength.

The results speak for themselves as customer satisfaction increased from 61 to 75 percent within six months of the intervention.  Employee retention improved by 4 percent in a tough market and the client acquired three new clients.

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