LeaderEdge™ Outdoor Survival for Leadership Teams

Adventure Leadership Learning for your Executive Team

LeaderEdge™ is a powerful training initiative that combines traditional corporate teaching methods along with intense immersion into outdoor adventure and the best part is that no one gets voted off.

The LeaderEdge™ Outdoor Survival Program is integrating the very best in management development with outdoor adventure programs. It was formed to meet the requests of corporations who desire a curriculum that will provide effective leadership training in an intense experiential environment. LeaderEdge™ provides the emotional thrust of outdoor adventure with the intellectual capital of effective leadership training to ensure learning and understanding.

The Course
The LeaderEdge™ program is a 5-day program designed to incorporate proven leadership expertise with outdoor survival skills in a beautiful and natural environment. The LeaderEdge™ program resides in the breathtaking Red Rock region of Southern Utah.

Basic Structure of the field course is built on the balance of traditional learning, primitive living, self-awareness, team building, and leadership development through intense experiential learning.

Each course will be led by a Seasoned Corporate Consulting professional and Outdoor Living experts facilitating each of the necessary elements. The course is physically and mentality demanding on many levels but always worth it. Picture hiking many miles a day and camping with very little modern equipment while taking on leadership instruction and challenges.

LeaderEdge™ provides the experience in a primitive living/survival type environment. During the course of the program participants will learn in additional to leadership skills primitive skills such as:

  • Making Fire with Sticks (Friction Fires)
  • How to Make Primitive Shelters
  • How to use a knife for survival purposes
  • Finding Food and Water in Nature
  • Map /Compass Skills

Each of these skills are learned and then tied back to a real business lessons to be implemented at the office.

Have Flipchart will Hike
LeaderEdge combines traditional adult education methods with the best experiential learning structure available. It is not just about hiking for a 12 mile trek in the desert but rather the learning of basic leadership principles and then realizing how they apply in a unique set of circumstances.

The goal of the LeaderEdge™ program is to insure that your work team has true “take-away” and that what is learned in the field is not left behind. There are so many training programs that make sense in the classrooms but when the participants arrive back in the office all is forgotten. LeaderEdge™ is different in that it makes use of the emotion of the experience and backs it up with intellectual content and real application so that the lessons learned will be applied back in the office.

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