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DCG Coaching Cadre

Essential for your business success, the Coaching Cadre is a very unique community of coaches who share a tremendous commitment and passion to the coaching vocation.   They come from a variety of business and academic backgrounds but all have a proven record of success. Additionally, the Coaching Cadre provides a community where best practices are continuously shared and breakthroughs in the coaching process are constantly developed. Denisoff Consulting Group coaches use a tested and rigorous Integrated Coaching Methodology based on the blending of the best in Academic Research, Expert Curriculum and relevant best practices.   The methodology focuses on the whole person and measurable results and improvement.

Today many organizations are realizing the significant impact of an integrated Executive Coaching program.

Our DCG Coaching Cadre offers:

  • A large number of coaches to work with teams of executives and managers to support strategic programs and change initiatives.
  • Coaches to support deep cultural change efforts.
  • Coaches that provide significant leadership development opportunities for the talent pipeline.

Denisoff Consulting Group’s Coaching Cadre also offers a sophisticated Quality Assurance program to make sure that all coaching engagements are highly effective. Quality-checks with the coaches and appropriate reporting activities with the client ensure that all deliverables are being met. The Coaching Cadre will work with you to make certain that the coaching program aligns with your company’s objectives and exceeds your expectations.

The Denisoff Consulting Group Coaching Cadre consists of over 30 highly qualified and talented coaches to meet your organization’s training and development needs. Each coach in the Coaching Cadre had been thoroughly vetted and consistently demonstrates an excellence in the coaching discipline. Many Cadre members posses over 10 years of coaching experience and all are certified by the International Coaching Federation as Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) or as Master Certified Coaches (MCC). Each of the coaches is well versed in the 360-Survey Feedback process and a large variety of psychometric tools including MBTI, FIRO-B and Emotional Intelligence assessments. Equally important are the background and experience of these coaches who have served in leadership roles within companies and are viewed as leaders within the coaching profession.

Please contact Denisoff Consulting Group today for more information about the Coaching Cadre.

DCG Cadre Team

Michael T. Denisoff, M.B.A., P.C.C., S.P.H.R., LEED-AP Principal Director

Michael Denisoff

Michael T. Denisoff is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as certified by the International Coaching Federation. He has been an executive coach for over 15 years and received his formal coaching training from Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.  Additionally he is not only a sought after coach for Executives and Managers but he also is an instructor and coach to Executive Coaches offering a variety of training classes and acting as an advisor to coaches and coaches-in-training. He applies a rigorous Coaching Methodology and Integrated Coaching Model that focuses on the whole person, measurable results and improvement.

Michael is certified in MBTI as well as a variety of other psychometric tools such as FIRO-B, DISC and Hogan Derailers.  He has a high level of expertise with Emotional Intelligence teaching a variety of classes on EI for over 12 years with experience with a large variety of EI tools and studies. He also has experience using a variety of 360 instruments including LPI, 20/20 Insight and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and is skilled in developing and implementing customized 360 instruments. He adheres to the ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Under the leadership of Michael Denisoff, Denisoff Consulting Group has designed and implemented a wide variety of coaching programs for organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems, Cal-Optima, Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo.  These programs included extended coaching engagements with individual managers of the company or a specific division supporting a leadership development effort and/or supporting a 360-Feedback initiative.  Additionally we have offered similar type coaching programs to compliment an enterprise wide change management effort that required the managers to “show up differently” than before.


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