Products for Purchase from Denisoff Consulting Group:

White Papers and Reports (White Papers are available free of charge upon request.
Please email for your copy.)

  • Leader in a Downturn: The 4 Big Opportunities and the 4 Must Do’s (Winter 2009)
  • Moving Up in the Downturn (Due Fall 2010)

Books and CD’s by Michael Denisoff

  • Leadership: Long Deep and Wide, book (Expected 1st Quarter 2011)
  • More Than Just a Piano in the Lobby: Real Organizational Change, book (Due out 2nd Quarter 2011.)

Key Note Speaking

  • Michael Denisoff is available for Keynote Speaking Events. He speaks on the following:
    • Leadership: Deep Long and Wide
    • More than a Piano in the Lobby: Real Organizational Change
    • Custom Topics

Electronic Solutions:

  • DCG Leadership app for  SmartPhones
  • AIDD-Accelerated Individual Development for Directors
  • Career Navigator Roadmap
  • TALDEV Career Development System

Training Videos offered by DCG

  • True Color Interviewing
  • Performance Management and Corrective Action
  • Focused Based Development-Creating a Relevant Training and Development

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