Leadership live

Leadership Live™

Leadership Live™

Leadership Live is an ultra-interactive program for managers. Participants will learn how to excel in the common and not so common managerial challenges. This program is comprised of real-time role play scenarios and video evaluations.

Leadership Live is a one-day program that provides the opportunity for managers to bring real and current issues into the training room and learn how best to handle them.  But rather than the lessons stemming from theory, participants are able to actually SEE and DEMONSTRATE what good leadership looks like.

Sometimes it is just too easy to sit through a leadership development program and nod your head in agreement.  Leadership Live shows participants what leadership looks like in real-time. Actualizing leadership training occurs when education is connected with application.  Real-time exposure to common scenarios and dilemmas can make all the difference.

Key Points:

  • Provides an amazing opportunity for iparticipants to ask about and solve any leadership challenge they want.
  • “Real-Time Role Plays” – An office setting set up in front of the room to better simulate real situations.
  • Facilitator has over 50 hours of material to use in teaching/coaching.
  • Videotaping and evaluation of selected role plays for learning “John Madden” style
  • Safe and supportive environment for peer coaching

“Life doesn’t always give you a dress rehearsal, but we will.”

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