Leader Edge


Take your management team out of the standard learning environment…way out of it.  The LeaderEdge Outdoor Survival Program integrates the very best in management development with outdoor adventure programs.  It was formed to meet the requests of corporations who desire a curriculum that will provide effective leadership training in an intense experiential environment.  LeaderEdge provides the emotional thrust of outdoor adventure with the intellectual capital of effective leadership training.

The Course

The LeaderEdge program is a 3-5 day program designed to incorporate proven leadership expertise with outdoor survival skills in a beautiful and natural environment.  Our home base for the majority of our program is in Southeast Utah in the Redrock district.  Basic Structure of the field course is built on the balance of traditional learning, primitive living, self-awareness, team building, and experiential learning.   The course is physically and mentality demanding on many levels but always worth it!

Have Flipchart will Hike:

LeaderEdge combines traditional adult education methods with the best experiential learning structure available.  Picture hiking many miles a day and camping with very little modern equipment while taking on leadership instruction and challenges.

The environment that the learning will take place is about as far outside of the box as possible and implores participants to look at things and themselves differently.

Traditional Learning:

Throughout the field course familiar methods of teaching will be utilized such as flipcharts, workbooks and models.  However, the desks will tend to be rocks and the role-plays will take place in a cave or under a cottonwood tree.
At the core of all leadership is character and good decision-making.  This is what is left after you strip away technology, computers, cell phones, PowerPoint presentations, and all the modern tools we rely on.  LeaderEdge believes that the real person will come out and able to grow when modern tools are taken away and one is faced to live with and make the best of the basics.

LeaderEdge provides the experience in a primitive living/survival type environment. During the course of the program participants will learn skill such as Making Fire with Sticks (Friction Fires), Making Primitive Shelters, Survival Attitude, Finding Food and Water, and Map /Compass Skills.

Each of these skills are learned and then tied back to REAL business lessons to be implemented and integrated at the office.  These skills also tend to have a lifelong positive effect on each individual.

LeaderEdge is NOT:

  • A Ropes Course
  • A trip to “find your inner-child” retreat
  • Only a bonding experience
  • An abusive torture-trip