CASE THREE: Tech Company

Technology Company

The Client

Known for its extremely talented and driven CEO, this client is an ultra-fast growing technology company, which is recognized as the leader in routers, wireless routers and other peripherals.

The Situation

The client had grown into a mid-sized company with tremendous revenues from the global market, but it still was operating as a start-up.  The company had out grown many of its processes and lacked the sophistication to remain the market leader.  The executive team was still developing in the new reality, and the line managers were underperforming and many lacked the experience necessary to keep up with new demand.  Additionally, the expansion into the global market place was causing additional alignment and execution issues, resulting in gross inefficiencies that increased operational costs, a first-time drop in customer satisfaction, and decreased employee engagement and satisfaction.

DCG’s Approach and Contribution

DCG was brought in by the CEO to bring the organization to “the next level” while keeping its entrepreneurial spirit and energy. DCG first provided an assessment of overall organizational effectiveness and alignment.  From these results, DCG worked with the client to create a plan that focused on four major areas:

  • Executive and management talent
  • Organizational design and development
  • Talent management systems
  • Process alignment

DCG transformed the executive team through developmental training and executive coaching. We also identified and filled any remaining competency gaps from outside the organization.  An extensive management development program was also put in place that evaluated talent, provided training and coaching for managers using the 360-feedback process, which greatly improved managerial performance across the organization.

DCG also redesigned the organizational structure to better meet the current demands. This included providing greater clarity regarding scope, roles and responsibilities of key management positions.  To complement these structural changes, we developed new processes and metrics with the different work teams to redesign the organization from within. Once completed, DCG worked with the CEO to conceive a five year strategic plan.

Finally, DCG facilitated the creation of a professional human resources team. We provided expertise and design services to upgrade and, in some cases, create talent processes, including performance management, succession planning and a long-term human capital development plan.

Impact and Results

Through our close collaboration with the client’s executive and management team, the organization transformed itself and improved overall alignment, employee engagement and customer satisfaction, both with its business customers and the end-users of the products.  Margins significantly increased, employee engagement soared and the client’s external reputation returned to its leadership position.

A common and shared approach to leadership development was embraced by the management team. The improved and more organized talent processes helped to increase overall performance, retention and succession planning.

The result was a much stronger company with radically improved product lines and reputation that attracted better talent.  After a short period of time, the company was purchased for over $500 million by a large Fortune 100 technology firm.