CASE FOUR: Healthcare Industry

Integrated Healthcare and Health Insurance Company

The Client

The is client is an integrated healthcare system that administers health insurance programs to 40,000 California children, low income families and persons with disabilities in state and federal programs.

The Situation

The organization had quickly become a critical component of healthcare in the communities it served and was growing at a record rate in order to meet the needs of its increasing number of constituents; however, the client lacked the necessary leadership competency to manage the challenges associated with its rapid growth.  This led to increased case mistakes, missed business opportunities and elevated operational costs due to unnecessary inefficiencies. The CEO recognized the need for the organization to improve in its overall leadership capacity and sophistication, and to evolve as rapidly as its growth.

DCG’s Approach and Contribution

DCG was brought in to rapidly develop the managerial capacity of the organization through executive coaching for its managers.

DCG delivered a straight-forward and comprehensive coaching program to:

  • Provide one-on-one support and coaching to each of the managers
  • Integrate a 360 feedback tool into the coaching process
  • Instill a baseline of what leadership meant at the organization

DCG provided a kick-off training session to all participants, immediately followed by a series of individual coaching sessions all within the same short time period. We followed up with a robust wrap-up session to all participants to reinforce key learnings and lessons, as well as plan for future development initiatives.

Impact and Results

In a relatively short period of time, DCG provided executive coaching to the entire management team. The coaching sessions elevated individual performance by dealing with personal challenges and issues that were limiting cooperation and coordination between teams.  The coaching sessions helped participants develop a greater sense of maturity and increased their leadership capacity, both as individuals and collectively.

Communication between managers increased and critical barriers were reduced, so the organization performed better as a whole.  Managers realized that they needed to improve their skill sets and leadership ability, while some managers realized that they were in the wrong role.

As a result of the coaching program, the managers’ performance significantly improved.  Equally important was that the program instilled a foundation for trust within the organization and reinforced the need to provide consistent and robust leadership development opportunities and programs.  We enabled the leadership team to fully meet current demands, which ultimately transformed the organization by minimizing inefficiencies and drastically decreasing mistakes made on cases. The DCG coaching effort also gave the client the ability to move beyond its challenges to pursue new business opportunities, which included expanding its service area and offerings.