Denisoff Team


Michael T. Denisoff, M.B.A., P.C.C., S.P.H.R., LEED-AP Principal Director

Michael DenisoffMichael Denisoff brings more than 17 years of comprehensive experience and application in the field of business consulting, change management, leadership development, and performance improvement. He has worked as an internal and external consultant, presenter, coach, and facilitator, and has directed company-wide organizational transformation and development efforts.

Michael has experience in a variety of industries including telecommunications, technology, healthcare and service-related firms. He is known as a consulting professional with an operational mind-set. Michael’s passion for leadership development and performance improvement has spanned his entire life. It is from his studies and experiences that he has developed exceptional knowledge and awareness of leadership, high performance and organizational transformation.

Michael entered the leadership discipline working for an organization that had serious cultural issues. As a result, he became self-taught on the subject and began teaching about organizational effectiveness. In his attempt to make a difference, he found a passage to the Covey Leadership Center. There he worked for more than three years as a consultant. Michael also directed the Leadership Development Program for Sprint Cellular, served as the Manager for Learning and Organizational Development at Nexgenix Inc. and Johnson & Johnson as well as directed Executive Development at Fluor Corporation in Aliso Viejo, California. Michael started and runs this consulting boutique that has worked with such clients as NASA, Linksys- a Division of Cisco Systems, HealthFirst, and Home Depot. He also supports leading executives as an Executive Coach for Fortune 500 companies.

Michael graduated from University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts and has studied with Peter Senge’s organization focusing on Systems Thinking and holds Executive Coaching certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. He received his Executive MBA form Loyola Marymount University and graduated with highest honors.. Michael also acted as an advisor for Professional Development at Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Colorado. His upcoming book, Leadership: Deep Long, and Wide is due to be released in 2010.

“Everyone wants a simple formula for leadership, but there is not one.  True leadership is forged over time through knowledge, competence, and integrity.  Once you try to define it, one strangles its very essence–vision.”

Teaching leadership, for Michael, is all about impact.  It is the reverence for the conceivable impact that drives the ability to create destinies.

Michael Denisoff is available to Keynote at your corporate functions. Please contact DCG if you are interested in having Michael provide a world-class presentation to your organization.


Ryan DeRose

Ryan DeRoseRyan DeRose has a comprehensive knowledge of both alternative and traditional education and brings extensive experience in developing and facilitating experiential education programs. He has proven experience in developing environmental education programs that inspire students and promote retention of concepts, knowledge and ideas. Over the years, Ryan’s unique focus of hands on learning and involvement has inspired and challenged 1,000’s of students towards a lifetime of learning and success. He brings wide variety of education skill including leadership training, group dynamics and processing, adventure education, environmental education and sustainability education. He also holds numerous environmental and outdoor education certifications ranging from Wilderness First Responder and ACA Canoe Instructor to Leave No Trace Master Educator and Permiculture Design. Ryan has been involved in a myriad of educational efforts across the whole of the United States. With experience educating in a wide diversity of settings, he has worked with youth and adults of all different backgrounds, ages, and abilities including extensive experience working with At-Risk youth. As an advocator of meaningful, student-centered education Ryan has lead by example, creating new and innovative programs to improve the education of America’s youth.

Combined with his passion for education, Ryan brings substantial experience in green technology and sustainable design as well.  Through holistic mindset, he combines cutting edge technology with the mimicry of healthy pristine ecosystems to bring creativity and successful solutions to sustainable design and education. With this complete and integrative approach Ryan helps schools launch effective yet in-expensive “Go Green” programs and educational initiatives that achieve a high ROI while improving the educational quality of the school. He also is highly involved through out his community in numerous other sustainability and environmental initiatives. He currently sits on the board of Betty World Betty, a 501c 3 green advocate and sustainable resource organization in central Virginia.  Ryan is also LEED-AP certified.

Through his passion for revolutionizing the educational experience, Ryan has earned the respect of educational professionals across the country. His proven capacity to customize the education experience, giving meaning and context to learning of all kinds has been praised by administrators, teachers and students alike.

Kelly Watson

Kelly Watson Kelly Watson is a seasoned marketing and strategic planning consultant. She has held leadership roles in the computer technology industry, wholesale distribution, retail, consumer products and government services. In addition to executive-level marketing leadership, she also has over 15 years experience in business development, sales management, operations, and finance. She has a successful track record of building strong, productive teams, developing brand loyal customers, managing lean and productive organizations, and designing business strategies to optimize market growth.

Ms. Watson’s consulting clientele include F500 companies, internet start-ups, and manufacturing entities. For example, she has been retained by the Walt Disney Company, Telecom New Zealand,, Herbs of Mexico, and Electronics Recycling Services. She also launched her own successful start-up company, Career Partners, in 2006. Ms. Watson has provided a vast array of consulting services, from market research, analysis and recommendations, to product launch plans, financial modeling, organizational development, and venture capital pitches. She has also filled the roles of “Acting COO” and “Acting V.P. Marketing” for her clients.

Before launching her successful consulting practice in 2003, Ms. Watson was the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Telecom New Zealand Communications USA. There she developed and launched the initial marketing and sales strategy for an Asian- American focused long distance service. Her team recruited 6000 customers in 8 months and built U.S. awareness of a major New Zealand brand in targeted ethnic markets. She also instituted important customer segmentation and profitability analysis.

Prior to TNZ, Ms. Watson served as the North American Channel Marketing Director for Merisel, Inc, a $4 billion international computer distributor. As a member of the senior marketing management team with responsibility for a North American marketing P&L, Ms. Watson coordinated advertising, event management, and internet marketing agencies to deliver targeted market programs. Her team also designed customer loyalty programs based on customer segment profitability and generated support of these programs through co-op and joint venture funding initiatives. Ms. Watson was recognized for developing a framework for ensuring positive ROI from marketing promotions and programs. She also served as a press spokesperson for the company.

Throughout her 7 years at Merisel, Ms. Watson also held roles in sales, purchasing, and product management. Prior to Merisel, she was a Major Account Manager for Compugen Systems Ltd., a computer reseller in Toronto, Canada.

Ms. Watson holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she graduated with high honors and was recognized as a member of both Beta Gamma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Nu.


DCG Coaching Cadre Team

Lisa Bricker

Lisa Bricker

As a seasoned coach, Lisa Bricker has been working with professionals, executives and entrepreneurs for over 23 years. Since 1983, Lisa’s experience includes a broad span of diverse fields and roles, such as of manager and sales professional to successful entrepreneur, owning her first coaching practice in 1988.

Lisa earned her certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation professional and is a Certified Co-active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA. She has been an Executive Coach for the Executive MBA Program of Loyola Marymount University; she served on the board of directors of the International Coach Federation, Los Angeles Chapter and is a member of SHRM, Society for Human Resource Management and member of NAWBO, National Association of Women Business Owners.

Chuck Allen

Chuck Allen

Chuck Allen, is the Co-Founder of Organic Communication (, a consulting firm that provides coaching and training in communication, leadership and conflict management. Chuck has worked in such diverse fields as public relations, public health, technical writing, journalism, event planning and child development. As the owner of a technology consulting firm specializing in the entertainment industry, Chuck brings more than 20 years experience as a consultant and an entrepreneur to his business clients.

In the coaching field Chuck is on the faculty of The Coaches Training Institute, and he is an Executive Coach for the Executive MBA Program of Loyola Marymount University. Chuck is the Past President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Coach Federation. He has coached and trained leaders in fields ranging from non-profit to aerospace, medicine, technology and the federal government. Chuck has trained people in coaching skills throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, England, South Africa and South Korea.

Vincent E. Clark

Vincent E. ClarkVincent Clark brings more than 20 years of comprehensive experience in the field of IT consulting, change management, customer service consulting, quality assurance, marketing and public relations. He has worked as an internal and external consultant, presenter, advisor, and facilitator.

Vincent has experience in a variety of industries including telecommunications, print journalism, broadcasting, professional sports, and healthcare. He is a noted expert in IT and telecommunications technologies and is highly sought after for his opinions and consulting service by organizations that adopt the newest trends like VoIP. Vincent was an earlier advocate for the Internet and has written extensively on the subject.

Vincent began his career at a time when personal computers were entering the workplace. His early experience focused on networking, data processing and workflow design. He took this experience and combined it with his “people” skills to develop his own unique brand of process improvement. He went on to lead serious process improvement efforts for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Vincent also started the Technology and Computer Training Unit for Sprint Cellular, served as consultant for Alltel Corporation and helped introduce voice over Internet in North America and Europe. He also continues to present to major hospital and industrial customers about the latest trends in telecommunications and IT.

Vincent has also been an agent and publicist for some of the top athletes in world. He also is recognized as one of the best radio personalities in talk radio with an in-depth knowledge of American and world politics. He loves to write poetry and short stories, gardening, home improvement projects, and sports of all kinds. Vincent ran track for the University of North Carolina.

“The newest technology won’t lead to productivity gains on its own. People make the difference. You have to resist the urge to just recommend what new without considering the impact on the person who will use it.” Consulting, for Vincent, is about achieving meaningful results.

Jan Cummings

Jan CummingsJan Cummings has more than 20 years of effective experience in the fields of Human Resources and Organizational Development (HROD) with an emphasis on Internal Consulting, Management and Leadership Development as well as Organizational Career Development Programs and Systems designed to drive and support business success. Prior to transitioning to her current role as an external consultant, Jan spent 15+ years in the Financial Services and Health Care Industries. During that time, she had 10 years of demonstrated results in management positions within corporate human resource functions in companies both in California and Pennsylvania.

Ms. Cummings’ HROD background also includes implementation of large scale Human Resource Programs related to Organizational Change and Leadership Development. She was the lead on such projects as: a company-wide Performance Management System, a Team Based Incentive Compensation Program within a sales environment and Employee Opinion Surveys. In addition, she designed Career Development Systems and Succession Planning and Development Programs, including Skills Development Guides to guide succession for targeted positions. While implementing these systems, Jan created workshops, tools and tailored resources that enhanced the coaching skills of managers so that they could more efficiently guide their employees’ development.

In addition, Ms. Cummings has worked with a number of companies to design, implement and evaluate Mentor Programs for high potential employees which included her coaching of both Mentors and Mentees to ensure their mutual development and a learning partnership for strategic business focus. Some of her clients have included Boeing, Prudential Insurance Company, First Interstate Bank, AT&T Wireless, Southern California Water Company, Southern California Edison, Sybron Dental Specialties, Young & Rubicam Inc. and the Leadership Center at UCI’s Graduate School of Management.

Jan’s blending of specialized skills with her depth of organizational experience enables her to bring a creative, flexible and business-oriented approach to her work. The result is her ability to tailor her coaching, consulting and training to the company’s strategic human resource development needs as they relate to the business imperatives.

Ms. Cummings holds a Masters of Counseling from Duquesne University. She is a Past President of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association of Orange County. She has the designation of Master Career Counselor from the National Career Development Association.

James J. Wehri

Jim Wehri is currently serves as a principal at a firm which provides business consulting and interim transition leadership to companies with revenues of $100 million or less.  In his commitment to provide value to client companies, Jim looks through the lens of 33 years of management and executive leadership experience seasoned with geographic and cultural diversity.  He has lived and worked in six US states as well as Europe and has traveled extensively to Japan and Southeast Asian countries. This perspective has sharpened his insight into the reasons of lackluster organization performance and has armed him with unique skills necessary to help correct them

Jim Wehri most recently was the President and Chief Operating Officer of the PSI Group, one of space industry’s leading manufacturers of satellite components, headquartered in Commerce, California from September 2000 to September 2004.  During his tenure at the PSI Group, the companies under his direction set the standard for the design and production of spacecraft components and systems.  Under Jim’s guidance, the PSI Group grew market share, expanded its core competencies and prospered in a depressed market environment.  In four years sales doubled and profits surged by 250%. This successful turnaround led to a successful sale of the $100 million PSI Group to Alliant Techsystems in September 2004 for $165 million.

Prior to joining PSI, Jim served for three years as Vice President and General Manager of Eaton Corporation’s Sterer business unit in Los Angeles.  In his first year at Sterer, he salvaged a failing division by reducing overtime and increasing efficiency, resulting in annualized savings of $5.4 million.  Within two years, he increased operating income by 280%, resulting in a return on net assets (RONA) of 240%.  Prior to Eaton, Jim served as Vice President and General Manager at Vickers Incorporated in Glenolden, PA.

Before taking the reins at Vickers, he worked for four years in England as Director of European Operations for Aeroquip Corporation, managing its $32 million aerospace business generated by four plants located in Britain, Germany and France.   Jim got his start working his way through the ranks of Aeroquip, allowing him to hone his skills as a cost-conscious leader.  Jim holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio and an Executive MBA from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

Dave Weiss

Dave WeissDavid Weiss has more than 20 years of project management, marketing, operations, process improvement and quality systems experience. He has served on the boards of several corporations and industry associations. He is a process improvement/change management consultant in industry and a program manager guiding a Mom & Pop businesses through Multi Billion Dollar Enterprises though growth, M&A, spin-offs/downs and rightsizing.  He has facilitated dramatic improvements in organization structure, internal & customer educational marketing campaigns, knowledge management, overhauling work systems, policy and procedures.

In a previous capacity Dave served as the SVP/Chief Operating Officer for Trigg Laboratories, successfully executing a seven-month turnaround, orchestrating a complete overhaul of operations and product packaging while swing the company’s profitability 22% from deep in the red to, comfortably in the black.  His leadership has made its mark in advancing product lines, market focus, operational practices and vendor relationships to a “best in class” status.

Dave was Vice President of Administration and Development for Integrated BioPhysics Corp, a former client, as their officer in charge of structure, procedures, operational protocol, alliances, development of equipment and the initial FDA 510K approval for a medical/industrial technology start-up company.

Earlier, Dave acted as project manager, senior process re-engineering consultant and road warrior with West Hudson & Co. Inc., a subsidiary of Allegiance Healthcare Corporation, where he earned a reputation for creating innovative solutions to sub-optimized, dysfunctional or unprofitable business processes and staffing configurations, developing and implementing easily-adoptable tools to streamline information flow and work output, and affecting the bottom line with a remarkable return on investment ratio of 20:1 [$12 million in operational savings for some of the top hospitals in the world (US News & World Reports)].

Consulting has given Dave a unique point of view having worked integrally in International Conglomerates to Garage Start-ups in Defense, Telecom/IT, Architecture/Design/Construction, Healthcare/Pharmacy/Insurance, Banking/Financial, Manufacturing/Fabrication/CPG, Theme park/Film/Post-Production…and more colorful endeavors.  Through the spectrum he positions it that 70% of all business is just that “the business of being” and requires the constant care and feeding of the core communications & needs based systems and structures required for an entity to function well if at all.

Dave earned his undergraduate degree in systems engineering and operations analysis from The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and post-graduate studies in Technology Management while on assignment in Japan, military training along with the Management Development Program Certificate at USC Marshal School.    He has an extensive military training and world travel background and currently teaches & guest lectures at both USC Marshall School Executive Education and UCLA Anderson School Extension/Executive Education Programs.